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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Fraud by US Nukes

from MDinOregon Glad I don't live in Florida either. Joke is on Progress customers stuck paying nuclear tax Stop me if you've heard this one. You and Progress Energy walk into a bar. Progress says it's going to order $24 billion worth of drinks, but they won't arrive until 2024. Oh, and you have to pick up the tab — even if the server drops the tray and the drinks never arrive at all. .......Last week, Progress raised the projected cost of the new nuclear plant it wants to build in Levy County and delayed its expected completion date. It was the third such cost increase in five years. The price jumped from $17 billion in 2008 to as high as $22 billion in 2011 and now up to $24 billion today. The company doesn't expect to start producing power at the plant until 2024, eight years later than it originally thought. And it's possible the plant won't be built at all. read more about Crystal River where the cement is falling off the dome in chunks, but hey, fire it back up anyway.

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