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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Below is from Majia, who writes a great blog on all the same stuff that I watch. French philosopher Jean Baudrillard argues that today reality is no longer real in terms of public understandings of contemporary events and phenomena Public perceptions of the real are shaped by mainstream media spin, which often deviates significantly from empirically verifiable conditions. (E.G., see Thus, Baudrillard believes that mainstream media provide us with simulated images of reality. He refers to media simulations as hyper-realities. Simulated hyper-real images are produced by oligarchic corporations that control multiple media: print (newspapers and periodicals), television, and radio. [The oligarchic media corporations have a lot less control over the anarchic Internet; although, they do monopolize the production of Internet news. Bloggers and other non-oligarchic affiliated individuals and groups produce some news but mostly parse what is produced by the oligarchs (myself included).] Hyper-reality is fundamentally political and typically reflects the interests of oligarchs. Edward Bernays, the father of 20th century propaganda, argued that it is the function of the media to narrow people's choices and interpretations in order that the natural born rulers can operate with the consent of the masses. The oligarchic media corporations are only to happy to pursue this function. Fact is obliterated by the mainstream media when oligarchic interests are at stake. We have seen how the media propagate lies and distortions in the following situations: A. The run up to the first and second Persian Gulf Wars (e.g., weapons of mass destruction) B. The coverage of the BP Gulf Oil Spill (e.g., oil gone) C. The Fukushima crisis (Washington Post editorial 4/23) I acknowledge that there are reporters and editors who seek to report truth, even when these reports threaten established power hierarchies. However, too often the oligarchic media representations of events bear little resemblance to empirically verifiable conditions. Please see my Lessons of Fukushima powerpoint for factual support of my claims: As I write this post I am simultaneously observing Fukushima on the Tepco webcam. The plant has been erupting steam or smoke with increasing vigor over the last 24 hours. Indeed, yesterday's eruption was so massive that I experienced FEAR while watching it.

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