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Monday, May 21, 2012

Jackzo sacked

Jackzo has been sacked.

The captured NRC couldn't tolerate a lone voice of dissent, Jackzo was lately voting against new plant, UNLESS lessons learned from Fukushima were implemented as written law in their approval.

 The other 4 commissioners did not want to formalize new safety requirements.

Sheesh, at Vogtle, they couldn't even follow the steel rebar reinforcing drawings properly.

As a former government inspector for high security and top secret construction projects, including a 300,000 SF underground battle station, the importance of following engineered reinforcing steel placement is just he price of admission, a no-brainer.

So they sacked Jackzo, and EVERYONE knows what the deal is. Everyone knows the NRC is captured and is a promotion agency, and everyone knows that dirty trick, false accusations are the way it is played. Corruption is tolerated, to all of our detriment.

Shut them all day, human corruption can't be allowed to mix with the most dangerous thing on earth.

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