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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Results of the Nuke Poll

Stupidest Endeavor the Man Thought He Could Handle 69 (62%)
Most Dangerous Way to Boil Water 65 (59%)
Fails us Time and Time Again 43 (39%)
 Lies Lies Lies and Denials 63 (57%)
The Most Likely Way to Wipe Out the Human Species 68 (61%)
The Old Clunker Plants are Even More Dangerous 47 (42%)
 An Alien Visitor Would Think We Are Not Worthy 32 (29%)
Solar and Wind Is Cheaper and Safer 50 (45%)
The Military/Nuke Cartel Cannot Be Trusted 56 (50%)
Nuke Can Be Made Safe If Enough Money is Spent 7 (6%)
The "new reactors" This Time It Is Different and Safe 6 (5%)
A Carrington Event Would Cause 400 Reactors to Melt Down 34 (30%)
Over 1% of All Plants Blow Up --What Are We Thinking 32 (29%)

1 comment:

  1. the results are a little shocking Stock, when a nuclear reactor clearly IS the most stupid way ever devised to boil water, etc, etc.....


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