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Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Roy Process

There are reasonable ways to actually get rid of radioactive elements, causing them to quickly decay to stable isotopes. But the cartel doesn't want to change from the money grubbing ways that it knows. Sheesh, they didn't even change from uranium to thorium. Thorium is still dangerous, BUT way better than uranium. Their inability to change just shows that the greed of looking for the cheese in all the old places is just too strong. Too big of an infrastructure in scientific knowledge and processes, and therefore it never changed, even though it could have fairly easily changed for the better. Hence once reason that nuke must go. They deceive by hiding behind their "grand science" while avoiding improvements. The Roy Process Patent application, apparatus & theory, which contains completed calculations for transmuting Pu 239, Sr 90 and Cs 137, can only be seen by scientists representing a company capable of realization who contracts with us. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It was the TMI partial meltdown that moved Dr. Roy to spend the summer school break proving calculations to see if it was possible to transmute high level nuclear waste cost effectively. He found it could be done with existing infrastructure, commercially available machinery and current supporting technology. Estimated cost to build a pilot facility was $80 million dollars. A newspaper editor persuaded Dr. Roy to release his Roy Process to the press which was published in November of 1979.

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