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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sickputer on Majia blog

The GE-dominated culture running American government is a powerful force. Domestic economics be damned because guns have better profits than butter.

Picture a country that has 7% of the world's population trying to exert influence in virtually every country in the world. Massive navy, air force, and a secret nuclear weapons program still churning out weapons long after the threat of global nuclear war had peaked.

Charity begins at home, but the US government would rather pursue elusive enemies in faraway lands like there is a global world war to be won. There is no global war, just the Ugly American syndrome of protecting the financial interests of the big US businesses spread around the world.

Sorely needed domestic tax dollars that would go to health and education instead buys ill will in countries where we prolong civil wars.

As in Brave New World, enemies become friends and friends become enemies at the whim of Big Brother. Corruption by special interests makes public service a license to become a quick millionaire with a cushy pension.

While the average Joe Six Pack works 40 years for a $1200 a month Social Security check, the national legislators are far better taken care of under their retirement plan, being fully vested after only 5 years of public service. Ron Paul has refused to participate in the Congressional pension plan, labeling it "immoral".

The Greek crisis should be a lesson for countries to wake up, but instead countries like America continue the heedless path to financial ruin. Prosperity is not created by printing worthless is a direct offshoot of producing desirable life-sustaining commodities.

America has lost its way in what made it the Sleeping Giant so feared by the Japanese military in 1941. After nearly 200 years of global dominance the American dynasty has run its course. The country that landed humans on the moon is still powerful, but no longer solvent. Corruption at the government level has robbed America of the title of global superpower. Make way for China as the next global cop on the block and next visitors to the moon. Americans have had a long ride to the top, but it will be bumpy on the way down.


  1. A year later I read my comments and feel like it is a ringing epitaph for the American culture.

    Out of control government forces have robbed this country of resources and even worse...respect from the rest of the world.

    We are indeed the Ugly Americans in so many places. Very sad.

    1. Indeed, there is alot to be embarrassed about, and it continues to look like it will get worse before it gets better. Now even more special interest groups steps up for a suckle on the Gov teats before they run dry.

      Europe is even more effed up than USA. Scotland now will have a Big Nanny interviewing every child in the country, and parents will not allowed to be present....and as often as they see fit. Make sure you never spank a child, you end up 10 years in jail.

      The astounding stories seem to never end. Britian fines a citizen for using words, for calling someone else a "sheep effer". Huh....we all get raped by bankers, and they get money for nothing to "lend" back to USA at no risk returns, but a swear word results in a fine, what?

      And in America, a female cop repeatedly beats a restrained suspect with a baton, and the "perp" dies.

      It gets more incredulous as time goes on. Indeed the downside portends to be very bumpy.


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