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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Grass is Greener on the other side of the lie

Funny how this Iowa paper is pointing the finger at Michigan for a radioactive leak, when Iowa also has some type of MASSIVE radiation leak, spiking to 7000 CPM or higher, compared to normal 20 to 30 CPM.

The Owl reported a few days ago that several internet forum users were worried about a possible spike in radiation readings at several radiation monitoring stations. Those concerns were dismissed by some as mistaken readings from uncalibrated counters.

I see said the blind man....and so the uncalibrated counters all started detecting the same thing at the same time...LOL, I guess that means they were calibrated with each other.

Check this for the Iowa spike

 We have reanalyzed  the data from the June 6-7th, 2012 airborne radioactive detection in South Bend, Indiana.

The key findings are as follows:

  1. The termination edge of the Jet Stream was located over the radioactive detection area
  2. The high radioactive readings commenced after the 5 mph North wind dropped to zero mph.
  3. The high radioactive readings persisted for the entire 5 hours the wind was not blowing
  4. The high radioactive readings stopped when the wind picked up at 5 mph from the west. 
  5. Normal radioactive readings continued for 40 minutes after the surface wind resumption ended the event. 
  6. The bimodal "clipped" peak features and dropout shown in the 5 hour long radioactive detection are from a highly radioactive field saturating the detector's Geiger-Mueller tube.
  7. Hysteresis is evident on the saturation recovery condition side of the readings.
  8. A Weibull based radiation intensity distribution approximates both ends of the detection curve.
  9. High Beta radiation (electrons) likely tripped the reported Ground Fault Interrupt outlet.
  10. There is no simple power supply driven failure mode that can duplicate the above conditions.
  11. Higher airborne radioactive readings have been detected along the Northern Hemisphere Jet Stream.

The key steps forward are as follows:
  1. Perform sample swipes in and around the specific area Geiger counter area
  2. Identify the specific detection location within at minimum a 5 mile area.
  3. Identify the specifics of the Geiger counter and associated setup.
  4. Attempt  to replicate the 5 hour long detection via a power supply / GFI failure
Possible conclusions:
  1. The airborne fallout was from a small  but very radioactive source near the detection location
  2. A near source scenario would likely be South-East of the location, or possibly North of the location.
  3. A far source scenario would be Jet Stream born


  1. If you check and go to the radar there are dark spots across the country and they started forming around the 8th of June. click on loop and you see clouds move but not the dark spots in fact they sparkle. If you go to and click on the map and then click on the location and hit loop you can see energy emanating from the clouds, large one in Penn. another in Boston. They are all over the country. I have made movies of the active radar for the last 7 days or so. Martin Young Coventry, ct. June 19th 2012


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