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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Nuke: High Cost to Exit

From ENENEWS Cisco June 24, 2012 at 8:47 am · Reply Free markets…BS! It's all about corporate socialism sucking up our resources and capital that could be directed to sustainable infrastructure and programs supporting green energy. The nuclear power generating cabal’s strategy to save itself from extinction is to relicense the aging plants, because exposing the cost in decommissioning one is so expensive. It will bankrupt any operating company, forcing the government (taxpayers) to assume the costs. When the government and the public discovers the true costs of decommissioning one plant, nuclear power’s economic viability will be exposed as the ponzi scam that it is. The costs to decontaminate a plant and the costs to supervise and maintain a decommissioned plant will go on for virtually, ever. Financially, it is a nightmare because it is an expensive liability whose costs continue to increase yearly as more and more maintenance is required to maintain the site’s safety. Once the government is forced to examine and admit the true life cycle costs of nuclear power generation, the economics will expose this dangerous ponzi scheme for what it really is…a financial and environmental disaster. There’s more of us, than there are of them! Nukepro comment--------------- +1000 I am thinking to post your comment on my antinuke blog, I figured out that one of the nefarious things about nuke is the high price to exit. But indeed, if they truly decommissioned a plant, any plant, and the real cost (like $2B) became well known, that would be one more nail in the coffin of nuke. They buy these old clunker plants for as little as $180M, yet the new ones cost $14B estimated, and 250% cost overruns are the median.

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