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Friday, July 3, 2015

Constitution of USA, Read It, Its simple

Links to the Constitution and Amendments and AoC

Happy 4th!

You can read all the docs below in less than 1 hour.   Misinformation is rampant concerning these basic laws of the US.   Read them, you will be really glad you did.  In fact these documents are so simple that a group of high school students, would be able to read and interpret them and apply them to real situations, maybe with just a little help by an older person to provide some historical context and explanation of an older version of English, however for the most part the language used is 97% exactly the same as today.


Constitution of the United States

 Amendmentsto the Constitution, NOTE that the first 10 are collectively referred to as the "Bill of Rights",  The BOR was ratified on December 15, 1791

Amendments 1 to 27 First 10 are Bill of Rights

Presented below are text versions from the Articles of Confederation 1777
This is like the "Original Constitution"

Articles of Confederation
Print them, go get a sun tan and read them.   They really aren't that complicated.  Really, a 7th grader could understand them.


  1. This is quite possibly how a lot of nuclear power plants were funded in the United States. I do not think the founding fathers had this in mind when they wrote the constitutionthis con man aron titon was a utah state legislator. he got the utah state legislature to legalize viagra without an rx while resticting birth control to women. just thing how many mormons and polygamists in utah with 12or more kids are on welfare and medicaid. a lot. utah has some of the highest state income taxes and property and sales taxes in the nation. the same crook bribed a judge to get water rights to build a nuclear reactor in one of the dryest most drought ridden states in the country in a state that has plenty of electricity
    they will build the power plan do you think the nuc plant will be operational?  nah theyll start building the nuc to the tune of billions of taxpayers money and aeron titon the con man with steal all of blue castlebholdings money leaving taxpayer to foot the whole bill for a nuclear boondoggle that will hopefully never be operational

    1. Corruption of the political process via the economic hit men show by the great lies of nuclear, a classic example of economic hit man operation.

  2. And this is s perfect example. Our freedom wasn't free. Many people sacrificed so our country can be what it is today. Nuclear was a big part of the price of freedom. People just dont get it. They are able to express their opinion because of nuclears benefit. Nuclear brought an end to wwii and the Cold has saved countless billions and enabled the human population to expand.We have freedom of expression. Thus I can express that this person is typical in the rat farm. The rat farm exists because we are free. So when you call someone a troll, you are denying them freedom of expression. You should thank them.

    1. Did you read the constitution? Of course not, you would realized there is no clause "freedom of expression"

      "able to express their opinion because of nuclear's benefit" why don't you expand on that you shit headed troll?

      The war with Japan was already over the Tokyo fire bombing killed more people than the nuke bombs. The US just decided to use the bomb because they had it and wanted to basically "show off", put fear into other countries.

      Next time you show up to just throw insults, you shall be banned, this is your final notice.

  3. free to wallow in the radioactive ooze die of cancer . free to have retarded deformed psychopath kids who was attacked by radiation in the womb like loose nuke and sit around at a keyboard smokin cigarettes . goin from site to site bein a nuke troll and lyin about its true idendity.

    1. Freedom to bribe and buy the government....I didn't see that one in there


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