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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Freedom of Speech, hmmmmm

  • Chem, looks like Admin going off at one of the sites we post on.    GRRRRRR....
    Removing my post on US constitution, since it wasn't "on topic"

    Since is when is "Base Law" of the USA which is being circumvented and dragged through the mud, off topic?

    Whatever, annoying,
    He nixed some of your stuff too

    A bit overbearing at times, esp. for those who produce content (like us) and not just a  news aggregator.

    Annoyed that my freedom of speech was censored when speaking of the Constitution on Independence day.   Orwellian, really.   
    [REMOVED. Admin: Please folks, let's keep comments on-topic... Here is another long-time commenter starting to post off-topic with links to their personal website. It is getting kind of spammy. Cutting and pasting the exact comment into post after post is not going to be happening anymore. Links must be ON-TOPIC... If the same handful of people keep doing it, links to personal sites are about to be banned altogether.]

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      That's a bit harsh if this was my link to the Constitution of the United States, which if it was being enforced would not allow this tragedy to continue in the manner it is.
      Yes its a "personal blog" and there is no profit motive, so whats up?
      I do think the Constitution deserves to be posted 100 times, not just twice.
      I'll be fine to stop posting altogether if freedom of speaking of the Constitution is no longer allowed.

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