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Friday, July 6, 2012

Human Error - Frying Dutchman --HumanError

He really nails it in this song video. Lays bare all the underlying corruption in mankind misguided dream of cheap power through nuke. Commentor on Huffpost Of course the disaster was preventable. That should be no revelation to anyone. It doesn't take a year-long investigation and a 641-page report to figure that out. Ultimately, it can be attributed to government-corporate corruption, but it comes down to engineering design and construction. The reactors were not designed to withstand a 9.0 earthquake. (Maybe understandably.) The seawall was not built high enough or strong enough. Those two, together, are a disaster just begging to happen. I'm not an engineer. I'm just a ground-water geologist who has worked with a bunch of engineers for more than 30-some years. It is my understanding that the "rule of thumb" is that any structure should be be built at least 50 % stronger/higher/longer than the worst anticipated conditions. That does not appear to be the case at the Japan disaster. But, what really gets me has not so much to do with engineering as it does with common sense. Who in the freaking world (and in their right minds) thought it was a good idea to put the backup generators in sub-surface vaults? A simple heavy rain and sump-pump failure would flood those generators and render them useless. Had the generators been operable and the cooling-water pumps been functional, most of the radioative releases could have been avoided. I won't even get into the hap-hazard storage of the spent nuclear rods. NukePro here------------------- Sheesh its worse than that....they put the fuel storage tanks right on the ocean edge....for ease of fuel delivery!!!!!! Seriously, got the before and after pictures....the tanks went away immediately. It doesnt matter where the generators where, it doesnt matter where the switchgear was.....they failed at the basic level of securing the fuel supply.

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