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Sunday, July 15, 2012

MIT Study debunked

Very interesting, MIT releases a study purporting to show that it may be better to blast people with radiation, rather than move them out of nuclear disaster zones.   We know in Three Mile Island that the gov was scared to death of panicking the sheeple by starting evacuation, instead delaying and subjecting them to large doses of harmful radiation.    A "Husky dose" as the supposed watchdogs watched the sheeple get poisoned. 

MIT does not deny that their purpose is to promote nuclear energy.     Ego and Denial of the academic "innocents".    But indeed, just because one is blinded by their scientific desire to push the edge of the envelope and play god like games of turning matter into energy, does not relieve them of the incredible guilt and responsibility of the predictable damage they cause.

2 weeks after the study was published, MIT issued a statement concerning a multi-million dollar grant that they were handed by the US government, in order to take the best and brightest in the nation in order to create a propaganda campaign to get the public to buy the nuke lies, hook line and sinker.  

"The nuclear enterprise has long faced difficulties in gaining the broad social acceptance needed for success.  Reliance upon public education effort continues to be the main, and largely unsuccessful, tactic to achieve acceptance.   This project will develop a model for the social acceptability of nuclear projects."

Indeed from a world of de-evolutionary Orwellian madness, our best institutions of higher learning have groveled down to the level of damaging lying pimps.

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