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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

TEPCO too greedy to inject seawater

You know, I was observing all this stuff closely in real time.   It was TEPCO who didn't want to scuttle their precious little nukes.  (and thus refused to inject seawater).
Joffan So you don't like all this investigative process that tries to find out what actually happened rather than believing which group was shouting loudest and pointing fingers most often?

You have no idea what was going on, only what you were told. People like Caldicott and Busby will sell you anti-nuclear stories until your head spins. And reality be damned; nobody in their cosy little circle will think to check how well the stories line up with the evidence.
Nope it ain't like that, I read between the lines, I listen to what they are not saying, I create hypothesis and see if the incoming information fits them, or whether the incoming information is a pysops, or whether the hypothesis needs to be changed.      I observe. 

I have created the study of Socio-Economic-Anthropology SEA using fractal wave patterns and cycles and much of reality does model well with that, although not a true science, it also requires imagination and intuition and an open mind.

I understand science, engineering radiation, and human nature.    I understand the Japanese culture to a great degree.   I understand the thinking and methods at the top universities that attended in the US.    I understand government and military.   Much of the evidence gets fabricated after the fact, the real time analysis of information coming out is very important as "good people" try not to lie.

I understand the greed of corporations, and the power of ignorance and denial.   I understand why nukers think that nuke is so cool, and so essential, and I understand why they continue in these self-lies.

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  1. These dogs gave away their 'good' self bit by bit, long ago. Like in the story of the Tin Woodsman in the political parable "The Wizard of Oz".
    Now they are entirely tin and no shred of humanity is left.


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