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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Solar Threatens the powers that be

Yep, and Fannie and Freddie killed a financing method that would give people money to do PV, and they would pay it back over time, with the guarantee being a tax lien on their house, thus making the loan a very safe proposition as it would be coming from local government bonds.    However, Freddie and Fannie F&F pulled out all the stops to kill the program because if the home owner defaulting they wanted to be able to pick every last scrap of meat off the bones AND not let anyone have a tax lien that could reduce the amount of bone scrap that they could gobble up.

And THEY F&F are the ones who  blew up the economy in the first place, now they are preventing homeowners from making themselves stronger by getting off the grid with PV

IN response to Huffpost comment----------

Kyle Sager Thank you so much !! You honor me and I am grateful for it. I was stunned recently to notice that the DOE refused funding guarantees for SolarCity's "Solar Strong" program for the millitary. You know what? BIG BANKS STEPPED IN TO HELP WITH FINANCING ANYWAY...because the risks are within reason: Because the SolarCity - DOD combination is a GOOD risk. Good for the country. That tells you where DOE is throwing its weight. Why is DOE guaranteeing Nuclear Plant Vogtle in GA and NOT SolarCity's far better risk with the DOD?? It is high time to reexamine the top brass at DOE carefully and think about whether they need reshuffling because THEY PLAY GAMES WITH AMERICAN'S MONEY right now. They should be giving far FAR more help to solar.


  1. Hi Harley: It's me, Kyle (HelioCurrent): I will be sure and cruise around and check out your blog! Have a TON to learn about this technology to be more responsible in sharing info. I will look for pages to link back to...THANK YOU!

  2. Hey Steveo! It's been great seeing you at HuffPo! Hope you continue to drop by. I kinda stopped posting at Enenews because I really dont have the knowledge that so many have there. I figure I'd leave it to great posters/MINDS to hash things out. I'm only a messenger (posting new news) and will continue to do that. Hugs to you and everyone @ Enenews!! Whoopie


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