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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Carrington Scientists discover an "early warning"

This poses some hope, although the big cameras we have continually inspecting the sun also show us CME which could wipe out our society exp. if we let the big transformers get burnt up.

The alternative is to physically disconnect the big transformers from the power lines, and believe me, this is not a simple, easy or likely task.

Those in the power industry have more than their share of ego and literally "greed for power", making these people the least likely to take a big hit on the quarterely profit but shutting down their whole system.   In other words, even with a strong signal, the chances that the greedy operators in charge would take appropriate action (assuming that they even had the planning and resources to do so) is very unlikely.

Also if you do a closer read on the article, my prior theory that we are missing at least one big piece of the GUT grand unification theory of how all the forces in the universe work together.    And the piece(s)  that we are missing are big important pieces, like 100 monkeys that a molded into the woodwork and we can't see them in plain sight.   

Like the reason that a small comet whizzing by at high space, but low mass highly correlate with earthquakes on earth.    From a gravitational point of view, it just doesn't make sense, there is something very important going on, interacting.   Something like the space fabric everywhere is not "empty" but actually quite dense and with fast liquid type properties.

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