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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

NRC engages the enemy

Indeed, that is how the NRC sees itself....a method to "engage the enemy", i.e. the public, those who would dare to speak out against the nuke cartel.

Look at the underlined and highlight text below, from the NRC "blog"

A weapon of mass destruction, but you can't prove that. Seems like there are lot of moments now where groups speak what is really on their minds. Kind of like they have been lying so long they have to blurt out the truth

Taking the Next Step – Building a 21st Century Digital Government

by Moderator
Over the past two years, the NRC has undertaken a number of initiatives to support President Obama’s emphasis on Open Government. We have, for example, made public 29 high-value datasets and embraced a variety of social media channels, including this blog, to share information. These initiatives are in addition to the variety of ways we have historically engaged the public.

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