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Friday, October 5, 2012

Hawaii still up 50% and Captain D Kickin' Okole on San Onfre

CaptainD,   ahoy there CapnD....

the Capn been kicking some serious butt created these data docs to support the death of San Onfre.    Get em down, keep em down.    No more mister nice guy, or nice gal either...

Time for a nail in the coffin of nuke, before it kills us all.


Also disturbingly, Inspector alert on 8 hours acculumulated click run, showed a confirmation of the 50% increase in airborne radiation in Hawaii.

Sure looks like Fukushima, swirling around the Pacific now, after a direct hit in the west coast, sorry coasties....maybe you should just move?

Yep 17990 clicks in 8 hours.   Not terrible, but a huge and obvious change.   Cleaning my HEPA filters and going to 2000g vitamin C every 3 to 6 hours.

The rain never seems to be radioactive here.   So it first dumps on the ocean and west coast and then we get the light airborne particles come to Hawaii.    What a sucky wolrd that we have to live on our home planet with these sociopaths that promote this poison as "clean energy"


And kill San Onofre, like a centipede under your bed, it will eventually get you if you don't get it first.

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