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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Radiation Spreading Across the US -- Update

I wrote an article a few days ago that got picked up by the "big blogs" and news gatherers, and even 4 outlets in Japan which brought in around 4000 Japanese visitors.  

And ya think that they Japanese are not paying attention to radiation?   They are on it.

Heck, I even installed a translator!

The data comes from Higgins

If you like this stuff, sign up as a follower....weird, 10,000 visitors in 2 days and only 5 followers.

Here are some more captures from today.


  1. Here is yet another article on the plight of those in Japan:
    The Nuclear Sacrifice of Our Children: 14 recommendations to help radiation contaminated Japan
    By Helen Caldicott, M.D.

    It is a pity that while this discussion takes place the Pro Nuclear Industry is promoting ever more Nuclear Baloney* articles like this:

    Radiation Protection Profession – Hiding Health Benefits of Low Level Radiation (aka Hormesis)

    When will governments start erring on the side of Health Safety?

    *Nuclear Baloney (NB)

    Physician: Overwhelming number of cases being reported from around Japan -->

    "Why are the health (and death) records in Northern Japan being kept secret?"


  2. ater discharge is but one way radioactivity and or heat "leaks" from reactors and the entire Industry knows it, why do you think the "smoke stacks" are so tall?

    With todays technology we should be informed (with actual data, not just "below threshold" B$ language) about any and all radioactivity or heat that escapes from reactors or their complexes...

    The only safe source of information about radiation is that which you get from personal Geiger counters, you might consider using something like an iRad and begin to form your own Rad network to monitor radiation yourself with them!

    BTW: Here is a great article about how the industry keep things "quiet" in Japan, a practice I expect to see ever more of here in the USA...

  3. +
    Why can't the UN get involved in radioactive issues,
    Here is the answer: READ Nuclear Controversies


    In 1995, the Director General of WHO Dr. Hiroshi Nakajima, tried to inform on Chernobyl by organizing in Geneva an international conference with 700 experts and physicians. This tentative was blocked. The International Agency for Atomic Energy blocked the proceedings, which were never published. The truth on the consequences of Chernobyl would have been a disaster for the promotion of the atomic industry.

    This film shows the discussions at the following WHO- congress in Kiev in 2001, that lead to the fatal disregarding of internal radiation consequences throughout the nuclear world.

    The full transcript can be found here:


    ALL because of this:
    The Trial Of Minoru Tanaka: The high cost of investigative journalism in Japan & “the nuclear mafia

    Why information about nuclear reactors does not appear in MSM, sounds familiar!

    So given the above, why should we expect Japan to start talking about how they are polluting the Pacific except to issue ever more “leak” reports that do nothing to describe the ever growing “TOTAL” amount they are dumping, allowing to leak and every other thing they can do to get rid of radioactive water…

  4. Fukushima; Pacific Ocean Catastrophe Confirmed; via A Green Road

    Fukushima Leaking Radioactive Water Plume Into Ocean; via A Green Road

    Comparing Contaminated Zones Around Chernobyl And Fukushima Ocean Radiation Released; via A Green Road

  5. I can tell you why so few followers -- it's because the information on your blog is terrifying. I can only read a little at a time, usually on nights where I don't need a lot of sleep.

  6. thanks I think, LOL
    Please use it as an anti-insomnia tool

  7. Humor.
    The alpha (paper),beta (foil),gamma(concrete) graph is very interesting for humans which are made in paper, foil and concrete.
    This special humans can be quiet: the internal contamination is safe for them.

    1. It is good to keep humor as we eliminate the nuke farce one by one. After all, like that Japanese scientist says, if you are smiling the radiation can't hurt you, LOL

      Thanks for dropping in, where are you from?

  8. Private. I am an italian of Paris back home... And my english is ... !


  10. One of my "favorite" question about Fuskuhima: What is the weight of the second explosion plume ? (Implicit question is the pool empty ?)

  11. Because the volume of initial plume is aprox 600000 m3. Difficult imagine less than 700 tons weight and difficult image only "cement". 4,6 Cubic meters of fuel (88 tons spent + 9 "new") can esealy stay in 600000 m3. Of course i want falsificate this. I don't want be true. But i do not found nothing. If you can help me in this "optimist" direction. Thanks and sincerely.

  12. I cannot support optimism on mass contained in the explosive plume.

    In fact my own proprietary work indicates that the massive increase in airborne uranium through the Pacific and West Cost can only mean one thing....tens of tons of uranium were aerosolized. In fact, with heavy metal fallout over the ocean, it is hard to imagine that less than the whole core and fuel pool were both launched. see here

  13. Not happy you not desagree... I read your text. Tomorow i study better. But (unfortunatly...) it seeem me realistic.


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