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Saturday, October 13, 2012

San Onofre the Real Story

From "jollygoodtimer"

Try to read between the lines of SCEdison's proposal for the partial test restart at San Onofre.

Can you you see that SCE is ---wink, wink--- is trying to get you to see they are --wink, winking--at you?

SCE knows that San Onofre is toast. But they can't say that. We must say that San Onofre is simply undergoing repair necessary for gradual restart.

We must agree to pretend, for the present time, that San Onofre is less than half-way through its operable power generating life span.

Because once we say that San Onofre's days are done generating electricity, the FASB (financial accounting standards board) rules will require that costs for decommissioning the facility must be recognized on all of SCE's financial reports.

That will cause the financial ratios used by SCE's stock and bond investors, and used to calculate executive bonuses, to change from mildly sweet to excessively bitter.

The costs for decommissioning the San Onofre facility need to remain as addendum items on SCE's books - still far out into the future when technological advances are expected to make the estimated nominal costs of decommission significantly less than today.

That's the little game - wink, wink - we all need to play along.

Until SCE can legally decouple the liability of decommission expense from their asset and equity equation - lets just agree to say that full power operation is just around the next corner.
Freedom From Nuclear Fascism...
10:30 AM on 10/11/2012
Major points against SanO remaining in operation:
1. It is sited on Major Fault lines + the new NRC Director is a trained Geologist that knows faults.

2. SCE sneaked the RSG phony design past the NRC review process!

3. SCE/SanO has the worst operated reactor in the Country.

4. SCE has a long history of major Safety violations that is the worst in the USA.

5. SanO almost had a major nuclear accident because of SCE's "in-house" bad tube design.

6. Decommissioning SanO would instantly solve all the NRC SanO oversight issues.

7. The NRC knows that if they stop SanO from restarting, the Industry will get the message, to tighten up their operations.

8. It will make the NRC look great without making them look like they caved into the activists.

9. Restarting even under 70% power has MAJOR RISKS, as the DAB Safety Team has already pointed out, so why take ANY chances?

As I see it, the NRC would much rather have all its SanO problems get Decommissioned and we can help by telling them N☢ SCE RESTARTS

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