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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Solar Calculations are Really Easy

A pronuker was claiming that a family of 4 needs 120 PV solar panels to make their own electricity.    Turns out he was lying by a factor of 400%---trying to make it seem like energy independence was impossible to obtain when in fact it is simple and easy to obtain.

Here is his comment

04:55 PM on 10/15/2012
What's wrong with placing a moratorium on all BIG energy proposals, while we see how to maximize solar-on-every-roof and conservation?

 Because it'll be very dark. That's an excellent step, but not sufficient.

40kWh per day per head is the average US electricity consumption. Does your family of four have a 200-square-meter roof?

Here is my response.  If you follow the calcs, you will see just how easy they are.
I see 2152 SF, and about 18 SF per 255W panel, that means 120 panels.    Now using a DC to AC multiplier of .824 the AC output of the panel will be around 210W *120 panels, or around 25.214 kW.   Wow!   that is a huge system creeps!

Now at 5 Sunhours *25.1 kW that equals around  126 kWH per day.   that would be 30 day * 126 kWH or around 3782 kWH per month.    

hmmm--at the national average of $.12 that would mean the monthly bill would be around $453 a month in electricity, although the average family of 4 only pays $120.

And indeed, in Hawaii, sunhours around 6, the average family takes their bill to zero with about 20 to 30 panels NOT 120 panels as you "promote"

So stop lying, how can you tell when a nuker is lying?  When his keyboard is typing.

Go solar, so cheap, there has been a seachange.


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