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Friday, October 12, 2012

Tens of Tons of nastiness were launched into the air

HERE is all the supporting information, in the yellow highlight right below, click on to download all of the data and calculations, which prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that  at least Tens of Tons of Poisonous Heavy Metals were launched into the atmosphere, aerosolized well enough to travel all the way to Europe.
Here is the link to the permanent page on this blog that calculates one instance of just how bad Fukushima was (is).    It uses widespread EPA data from Guam, Signapore, Hawaii, San Francisco to to calculate the mass of the uranium and plutonium that was aerosolized.   It is a no brainer.     
We can't get rid of nukes overnight, and the nuke cartel is strong and dangerous, like a Badger backed into a corner, but we need to quickly ween ourselves off this most dangerous thing on earth.    
Classic lies....make em big, repeat em.   That is the way of the nuke cartel.   Stop falling for it.

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