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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Voyager, Carrington, Meteorites, and Greed

And as our Voyager craft leaves the solar system, back here on the home planet, we have the government/military nuclear cartel pushing for a “renaissance” in nuclear power.   And while we study solar physics, a major Coronal Mass Ejection CME from a sun event similar to Carrington event of 1867 could wipe out our power grids over much of the planet, taking decades to restore “civilization”.   However, we could survive that, but we cannot survive the hundreds of nuke plants that would melt down with the fry out of the electricity grid.   The systemic collapse would make if unfeasible to even deliver diesel for the backup generators (which rarely get properly testing anyway).

So we have set ourselves up for extinction, as greed for “cheap power” puts everything on the chopping block.

Obvious extinction scenarios should be dealt with.   Also in April 2012 a 154,000 lb meteorite snook up on the earth, entered the atmosphere, and hit the earth, the only warning about 2 days in advance from an amateur astronomer.   It landed in fragments in the foothills of California.   Bet you didn’t hear too much about that….it is harder the shear the sheeple when they are running around all panicked.

Obvious extinction scenarios should be dealt with.  

Instead, governments remain in a currency war to see who can have the weakest currency so they can sell to other countries.    Money printing and propaganda, i.e. “communication” used as tools to achieve these goals, only problem is that everyone in the world is pursuing the race to the bottom.     It also seems like another war is setting up, and wouldn’t it be a great distraction for the upcoming election?   We will see, I think the odds are pretty low, like 15% but still very possible, this would be an Israel and Iran thing which could get out of control easily.

At least in the USA we have the best economic hitmen, only trouble there is that they have turned their sights on the motherload of wealth, the citizens of the USA, in particular, the public and 401K type retirement plans.

No great and glorious future will be launched by “technology” in the face of huge systemic and fundamental problems that are societal and governmental in nature.

And that is about all I have to say about that.    


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