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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Yamada Japan, Extremely High Radiation

Patty wrote–
High numbers being measured around Fuku area today…
but Yamada is the Hi-Rad winner for the day!

Another guy wrote
Please see here for explanation of above numbers:

18000 nGy/hr sounds like a lot. It's higher than normal, but nowhere near lethal. The main hazard is from contamination rather than direct radiation.

stock wrote
Bullsheesh on that.
At 18.4 microSv per hour

And annual exposure max of 20 MILLI Sievert per YEAR, that is 20,000 micro sievert per year.

simple math guys…no need to start appearing to do some scientific manipulations to get people to turn their brain off.

So how many hours to hit the max annual level? Simple math 20000/18.4 = 1086 hours.
How many days is that? 45 freakin days! OK?

What is the normal "it's time to retire from the nuke industry after 20 years of service", total dose, the answer is 100 MilliSievert.

100 MilliSievert equals 100,000 Micro Sievert, now divide that by 18.4 MicroSv per hour. 5434 Hours. Someone living at 18400 nGy/hr would therefore receive the max lifetime dose that a "paid for hazard pay nuke worker" in 7.5 months!!!!!!

And that is if they had a protective suit and HEPA air filter!@!!!!

The internal radiation becomes at least 20 times worse.

Sorry, godlike productions picked up a real lemon of an article there. Lies of the pro-nukers.

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