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Sunday, November 11, 2012

100 Preparation Items for Emergency Preparedness

100 Preparation Items for Emergency Preparedness

In the near future we may see some serious problems.    If you are spending your time on basic items, without a pot to piss in, like the thousands of people after Sandy that had no preparations, then you will be in much worse shape.

There will also be plenty of opportunities for advancement, and if you have your basic needs covered, then you will be able to jump on those opportunities.

With inflation and a worldwide push to competitive devaluation of all paper currencies, anything you buy now will likely just be more expensive later, so this is not wasting money.    Turn paper assets in to hard assets.    Have a good laugh as you hand someone paper and they hand you back a valuable object.   Hilarious!

Download Excel Spreadsheet here


  1. I am concerned that chaos would reign if we ever really need these items for survival....

    1. I am planning on it.
      Even for 3 weeks of a "supply disruption" say just due to the financial system blowing up and civil would be very nice to have these things on hand.

      Under an EMP or would be pretty tough, to protect electronics a faraday cage may be helpful, I am thinking an underground root cellar, aka "cave" that could also store the critical electronics like the PV backup inverter and charge controllers.... but thats just me.

      Its a bit extreme, but all useful stuff, and we don't know how things will play out.


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