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Monday, November 12, 2012

Comments from SKF

From a commenter on EXSKF

It's always been obvious to me that forgetful, greedy, arrogant, irresponsible, selfish and delusional humans are simply incapable of harnessing and maintaining dangerous technology for lengthy periods of time.
 and another
 I think the Japanese government is going to tax the hell out of the economy regardless of if someone fixes it or not. Japan was already in what most countries consider dire financial straits before 3/11. Now they have to come up with billions from somewhere to put a band-aid on the entire mess. The Japanese should look into using some creative euphemisms for new taxes like "user fees" or "administrative fees" they can look to the US for examples. There was a day long ago when most US federal parks were free now most have a "users fee" titling a car just a few years ago was $12.50 today it cost $100 or more. Cleaning up a reactor mess doesn't grow your economy just ask the USSR. The Russians were lucky because they went bust and dumped the problem on their former nation states. Maybe Japan should turn some of the Tohoku region into an autonomous state so they can abandon it to the world like the Russians did with Chernobyl.

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