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Friday, November 30, 2012

Greed and Science discussion at Huffpost

I see no signs that society mistrusts science or engineering. I see society mistrusted big corporations, oil and nuke, governments, human greed, GMO, mass media and its unstoppable lies and propaganda, vested interests such as unions and old school business models.

But never have I seen the vaguest hint that science and engineering itself are mistrusted.


I'm interested in your response, would you trust nuclear if it was publicly-built and controlled, owned by the US, its scientists, and engineers in the DOE? Like a research lab?
Interesting articles---

It seems a big part of the so called mistrust is based in a greater shift to a religious pack mentality.  

Not a broad indictment of science, and in particular I didn't see engineering enter the equation at all.

Although people may think the travesties of the Gulf Oil spill and Fukushima to be engineering failures, but I think most people realize these are not engineering failures, but failures of greed and regulation, of captured regulatory bodies.

The numbers were a stark blow to high-school science teachers everywhere: forty-six per cent of adults said they believed that “God created humans in their present form within the last 10,000 years.”

Read more:
I believe this goes more to a "retreat to the pack mentality" caused by the unbridled greed of the financial greatest theft on earth, drawings people into religion.
Not necessarily a distrust of science and engineering.

The last article also indicates somehow its only the conservatives that have developed a distrust of science, and they seem to be a little crazier than most when it comes to stuff like abortion, creationism.

I wont ever trust nuclear again, as long as humans as part of the equation.   Those who can't see this have their ego in the clouds and their heads in the sands.

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