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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Nuke Robots Dying Left and Right in Fukushima

The reality is that although nuke has some backup plans, they don't have good depth.     And when the SHTF, they aren't ready, except with lies and excuses.

Even the Iodine pills....better than nothing, but maybe not.   They do provide a false sense of security, because there are alot more isotopes emitted during the all too frequent nuclear disaster.

And Iodine only protect against one, the one that last the least time, 8 day halflife.    People are told...if there is an accident take this pill and you will be protected.....sure thats a half will be protected against radioactive iodine.   BUT NOTHING else.

When an accident happens, and they are all too frequent, no one in government or the nuclear authority having jurisdiction is ready to deal with it.    They weren't at Three Mile Island, they refused to evacuate people when it was obvious that they were taking "husky doses"!

And when it is time to decomission or do a cleanup of an all too frequent accident.  They are not ready either.   In fact, they are never ready.

At Fukushima, their cameras were fried by radiation.   Their robots were fried by radiation, lots of them, many of them never even made the news.      At Chernobyl, the rooftop was so radioactive with debris, that robots would not last at all, so they used Bio-bots, aka Humans.    Their "lifetime" exposure time allowed was 45 seconds of work to run on the rooftop, grab some debris, and throw it over the edge and then run down the ladder to relative safety.   Then you were "retired" for life.   Except some guys went back 10 times....for 450 seconds of total work.

But at least at Chernobyl, they were real men.   They did what had to be done.      They did an amazing fight, and the death toll was high, and the disease toll was in the millions and still counting.    In Japan, the "political correctness" makes it hard to do what needs to be done.    Even some older engineer type volunteeredd to Kamikaze the job, although they wanted a real plan without senselessly throwing their lives away.    Japan's pride wouldn't take that help, at least until now.   Criminal nukers, methinks.

And now the robots....Fukushima is so deadly that robots are dying left and right.

Sickputer provide this info on ENENEWS, and here is the article by ENENEWS

From that article on "Nuclear Firewalker":

"It is the second time such Japanese robotic technology has experienced problems. Last October, a crawling robot developed by the Chiba Institute of Technology lost connection with operators and was abandoned inside Fukushima's No. 2 reactor building."

SP: Poor Tepco…they not only deploy suicide robots, they are liars also. They have lost at least FIVE robots inside Units 2 and 3 at Fukushima Daiichi: Two made by Americans (Packbots) and three made by Chiba Institute of Technology.

RIP Quince 1 lost in Unit 2 June 2011:

"Quince 1 is still stranded in the Reactor 2 building, "for the moment", in much lower radiation, relatively speaking (10 millisieverts/hour where it sits)."

RIP Quince 2 (aka Survey Runner):
"TEPCO announced on July 11 that the robot became inoperable [April 18, 2012] after it was sent to the Reactor 3 building basement at FUkushima I Nuclear Power Plant to measure radiation levels and take the video. The company said it would be difficult to retrieve the robot for the moment because of the high radiation levels."

Rosemary 1, 2, and 3 (designed to last 3 years) went into the hellhold at Fukushima in August 2012 and succumbed without even a death notice by Tepkill:

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