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Sunday, November 4, 2012

The next battle, we killed Kewaunee now the cleanup

Economics and Anti-Nuke sentiment have Killed Kewaunee

Dominion Resources owns this clunker.   They tried to sell it and there were no buyers.    The strong solar programs in Wisconsin (indeed!) and natural gas are just way cheaper than nuke.

Also buyers are getting alot more aware of what they are buying.   When they sell off these clunkers, they also include a gift that keeps on giving, spent fuel pools.   In Michigan, they sold a clucker plant, and also forced the buyer to take over a spent fuel pool at a completely different location.   But that was before Fukushima, that was before the Nuke Pro and ENENEWS started educating the public on how dangerous the nuke Cartel is.

Even at Kewaunee they won't really decommission the plant, because a real decommission would cost $1B to $2B.   Instead they store the used fuel on site, and then let the plant decay for 60 years.    It is subject to extreme damage and neglect in those 60 years, picture a tornado ripping through a crumbling clunker plant.


  1. Considering his science resulted in the creation of the atomic bomb that was used on Japan?

    1. You mean Fukushima?

      Yeah ol' Einstein is turning over in his grave...thinking sheesh, I just wanted to impress the ladies, and now look what I have done.


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