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Monday, November 5, 2012

The old "Sleeping next to someone lie"

It is easy to expose the lies of nukers with just a little background. 

One of the paid trolls on Huffpost, AtomsforPeace moniker, says that you get 20 mSv in 3 years by sleeping next to someone.    Wow.    He uses this lie to justify that a CT scan at 20 mSv is "nothing"
His claim is that sleeping next to someone is a 2mrem dose in 8 hours.  

That would be *365, or 730mrem per year, or about 7.3 mSv per year.   
The conversion is about 100 mren per mSv, as can be seen on my handy conversion page

What an absurd claim, as that is way higher than the average annual dose from all sources, including man made for the average person.  

But it is true that your own body gives you a .3mSv dose annually from the Potassium.

So lets calculate the dose using data from Argonne National Lab, and some simple geometric graphic methods.  

Potassium (i.e. the ol' banana deception)
Each year this isotope delivers doses of about 18 millirem (mrem) to soft tissues of the body and 14 mrem to bone.   Thats 32 mrem.      Using my handy conversion page, 100 mrem =1 mSv approximately.   So roughly .3mSv total annual internal dose from Potassium.   
Its a beta and gamma emitter, 90% beta.
Beta will travel a few feet through air, and a centimeter or two into flesh or water. 
The source for that information is Argonne National Labs, here

In sketch SK-1 below we see that the radiation leaving the body and not absorbed by the body is only about 17% of the total.

And in SK-2 we see that on the average Queen Size bed geometry that the transmitted dose to Body 2 is at most 6.9% of the leaving radiation from Body 1.

So if the Body 1 total annual internal dose is 0.3mSv * 17% * 6.9% = .0035mSv per year if sleeping together 24/7, so lets say 8 hours per day, or 1/2 of that or

0.001167 mSv per year -- Calculated by the Nuke Pro

compared to

7.3 mSv as promoted by a nuclear promoter.     

This is a "lying factor" of 625500%

So we have proven that nuclear promoters lie by over 6000 times the real value.      LOL, I hear the TEPCO is looking for some "Data Communicators", the job lasts a long time!

0.001167 mSv is really negligible in the overall scheme of things, you can get off the couch and go back to the bed and rest easy.   LOL.    And go Troll Jousting, when you hear the lies of Nuke, just point them to a link at the Nuke Pro.

Here is some more reason not to worry about your own internal radiation, and TO WORRY about the external radiation sources that the medical and nuclear cartel are willing to expose you to.

The neat thing about potassium is that is spreads evenly through the body, only about 1 in 10,000 is the radioactive type, and it takes 1.3 billion year for HALF of them to "go off".    What this means is that even though it is well spread throughout the body, each particular "go off" aka an ionization hits one isolated cell structure if any at all.    The body has developed over a huge long time to be ability fix much of this "one shot" internal radiation.   It has to do with repairing strand breaks caused by the ionization.   The body is pretty good at repairing a single strand break and nothing much too weird happens.


Now consider the effects of a Mixed Martial Arts fighter doing damage to the same victim at close range and repeatedly.....enter the "Hot particle"

Now when a "hot particle" get into the lungs or guts (think cesium and strontium) they can pack a much more powerful punch, and when they lodge or become part of the body structure, they can continually damage the same cellular structures, causing double strand breaks.   The body tries to repair them.   Now consider a double double strand break that get repaired incorrectly.    Horrors.

And thus the big difference between the naturally occurring Potassium, and "foreign" radiation.
Beta will travel a few feet through air, and a centimeter or two into flesh or water.

Also the NRC published a pie chart in their article here, which I debunk --- they start lying right out of the gate, right at the baseline their pile their lies high.

Here is the lies laid bare----


  1. "His claim is that sleeping next to someone is a 2mrem dose in 8 hours."

    You mean PBS claim. Im just going with what "I read" isnt that your MO?

    Go have issue with PBS, not me.

    1. I see you are referencing a government sponsored promote the nuke cartel. Hilarious. Very few people are stupid enough to believe PBS and nukers.

  2. I never used this argument to say "20 mSv is nothing" thats an ACUTE dose you liar.

    I cited the PBS link on principle. You need to reference that.

    The poser says 6M have died from nuclear power. He uses simple LNT.

    If you use LNT and any radiation dose, you can calculate "deaths" (hey they arent real!) also

    I know you wont post this, and I know you will read this. So I am at an advantage, I can say anything I want

    Get a FUCKING LIFE idiot.

    1. Look at the lying nuker, also using cuss words. We know that nukers have no respect for humanity, no class.

      And this nuker AtomsforPeace, also DID say directly that a 20mSv cat scan was "nothing". Lies about his own lies.

      Wow, this is why we need to put a nail in the coffin of nuke, nail a day keep the nukers at bay.

  3. Just a quick question, why do you use a circle to simulate the propogation of the radiation? Shouldn't you use a 4pi volume to simulate this percentage? Thus reducing the actual %?

    1. Just for simplicity, and to remain conservative. yes the actual radiation absorbed will be less than I calculate, but it still shows the outrageousness of the lies of the nuke crowd.


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