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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Fukushima Lies After the Earthquake

Think Before We Sink
9 hours ago ( 3:31 AM)
This all sounds like a bunch of doublespeak:

After the earthquake occurred at 5:18 pm on December 7, 2012, we have conducted checkups at the Fukushima Daini Nuclear Power Station, and have found there was no problem.
Since we had found positive pressure in the reactor building of Unit 1, we have started Stand by Gas Treatment System* (the pressure was 0.05 kPa at that time of the start), and confirmed negative pressure in the reactor building. The negative pressure has been kept currently. We will conduct inspections for the cause of this matter.

The fluctuation of the monitoring post readings is being maintained within the range of normal fluctuation before and after the earthquake and currently no radiation impact to the outside of the power station has been reported due to the earthquake. The Unit 1 of Fukushima Daini Nuclear Power Station is under the cold shutdown condition and there is no problem.

Nuke Pro sayeth------
Yep, real doublespeak, you wonder how much is translation related, but obviously simple concept like "no problem" versus.....we found positive pressure, i.e. the coriums remaining in the building were jostled around with the cooling crust broken and the hot underlying corium shaken and stirred and reacting with metals and producing hydrogen and other gases which  definitely released alot of radioactive gases, and of course, potentially highly explosive.   However, since we can now operate a venting system and eject these radioactive and explosive gases high into the atmosphere through our remaining vent towers, we are able to report that our already fudged radiation monitors at ground level and upwind...well, suffice it to say that we only had to lie a little bit to say "no problem". 

By dilution of these radioactive gases into  the atmosphere of the HOME PLANET, we have effectively protected the workers at the jobsite, thereby setting up our "get out of jail free card" to prevent lawsuits, and of course we can continue to parrot " no one harmed by Fukushima".    Thank Kami-san for science and those tall venting towers, and the fact that the Government is now complicit in the cover up operations since we are effectively nationalized, however the elite at the top can still extract huge salaries and bonuses as if this was a non-zombie company, but after all, we are stressed out so you are lucky we don't just run away.

Ruh-roh, I guess it is winter again...maybe we better check the insulation on the pipes so they don't freeze and leak like last year....but that is messy work, so we will just say that with nuclear power fighting the evil global warming causes by natural gas, that with the global warming that freezing is beyond the design basis, and therefore we can get the ratepayers AND taxpayers to pay us more to cleanup any freeze related mess caused by this mother nature that we can't predict.

Out TEPCO (masters of shenanigans and fleecing)


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