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Monday, January 28, 2013

Beta monitoring

I finally figured out how to use the EPA site to generate Beta charts.

First one I looked at, WOW, Spokane WA really got dosed this week, I wonder if anyone told them?

Anything over 100 CPM is a big concern.


  1. Total crap. "Anything over 100 cpm is a concern" -

    Have you turned your instruments on yourself?

    Try a whole body counter.

    1. Send me your email and IP and I will provide data for you....oh, you already left your IP on the blog, thanks!

  2. Anonymous is an oxymoronic fool. Breathe deep, buddy.

    Thank you to Stock for making this gobbledegook of deceptive data into something understandable and relevant to this unfolding, unceasing nightmare.



  3. Great job, as always, Stock.

    Can you list the steps on how you got the graph from Radnet?

    Thank you.


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