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Monday, January 28, 2013

Links to Fukushima news mostly old

4. Readings of radioactivity level in drinking water by prefecture, Tokyo, January-March, 2012
5. Readings of radioactivity level in drinking water by prefecture, Tokyo, April-June, 2012 
6. Readings of radioactivity level in drinking water by prefecture, Tokyo, July-September, 2012 
7. Results of ACRO’s monitoring in Japan (12th of July 2012 update) 
8. Monitoring information of environmental radioactivity level 
9. Gundersen on WHO: I don’t trust their data 
10. WHO forecasts no significant increase in cancer patients in Fukushima 
11.No Safe Dose – Japan’s Low-Dose Radiation Disaster 
12. “All who met with Fukushima’s radioactive fallout are probably to have some problem with the thyroid” 
13. Paul Zimmerman, A Primer in the Art of Deception: The Cult of Nuclearists, Uranium Weapons and Fraudulent Science (778 pgs., 2009).
14. The scientific jigsaw puzzle: Fitting the pieces of the low-level radiation debate 
15. Even low-level radioactivity is damaging
Broad analysis of many radiation studies finds no exposure threshold that precludes harm to life 
16. Meta-Review of 46 Studies: Even the Lowest-Level Radiation Is Damaging to Human Health
17. Tepco doesn’t deny radioactive materials are seeping into Pacific 
18. Ocean still suffering from Fukushima fallout 
19. Top scientist suggests contaminated water is “actively being pumped out” into ocean from Fukushima plant 
20. Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: Plant’s Contaminated Water Storage Running Out Of Space 
21. Contamination from Fukushima “is almost irreversible” in coastal sediments 
22. The muddy issue of cesium in a lake 
23. 515,000 Bq/Kg of cesium in Fukushima city 
24. 80 Bq/Kg of cesium from tea leaves produced in Kagoshima 
25. Researcher: Japan should prepare for worst-case magnitude-10 earthquake 
26. Fukushima One Year On: Nuclear workers and citizens at risk 
27. Tepco will oblige all the employees to go to Fukushima, 100,000ppl/y in total 
28. NHK Documentary: Recently deteriorating working conditions at Fukushima plant causing workers to quit 
29. A Tokyo resident on facing his fear and living with earthquakes 
30. Inside the Japanese Matrix 
31. Nuclear crisis lowers curtain on Japan’s Confucian politics 
32. Science’s Looming ‘Tipping Point’ 
33. Martin Cohen and Andrew McKillop, The Doomsday Machine: The High Price of Nuclear Energy, The World’s Most Dangerous Fuel, pg. 28, (Palgrave, 2012, 242 pgs.)
34. Fukushima’s Radiation Release Here’s One Important Way to Protect Yourself 
35. Medicinal Uses of Seaweeds

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