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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Palisades - Propaganda for the Clunker

Palisades is another Clunker on Lake Michigan.   Just like Kewaunee on the Wisconsin side, the clunker Palisades is on the Michigan side.    Think if a Fukushima type release into the water occurred  in this landlocked Lake....the midwest would be killed and that would probably be enough kill off the American empire.

How can we take these risks?    Through greed, we have achieved action akin to insanity.   The lure, the promises of power "too cheap to meter" has played out in Orwellian fashion with reality setting in above the propaganda, and Kewaunee is being shut down because it can't compete with Nat Gas and Solar.    

Palisades also has THE WORST Embrittled reactor due to:

1) Age of plant and extent of neutron bombardment
2) Specifics of Metallic Alloying of the reactor vessel including the weld materials.

I did a future article on Embittlement.   It's very important.    In an emergency, when the reactor was melting down and at very high pressure, the addition of cooling water would crack the whole thing open with a massive radioactive explosion.   Read up, it's worth it.

Now the NRC is partaking in "communication with the public", to assure them how safe Palisades is....after a series of 4 pipes leaked radiation right through the wall of the pipe...not at a joint, not at a pump, not due to seismic event, just a plain old rust a 1960's car with multiple holes in the radiator and engine block, and yet they want this clunker to live on.

PS Communication = Propaganda

Drop by the NRC website and drop a comment.  They are pretty good about not censoring comments that are civilly worded, even if critical.

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