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Sunday, February 24, 2013

A gun can do many positive things

An antigun person made a blanket statement that “Guns can only destroy”, I thought about that a little bit, and found the statement far from true.

In fact, I find the statement absurd to anyone who gives even 10 seconds of legitimate thought to the subject.

A gun can do many things

A gun can provide peace of mind and a sense of security for a person or a family

The presence of a gun can stop a bad person from committing an act that may land them in jail.

The presence of guns in the community can keep a good man who is down on his luck from crossing over into the land of criminals.

A gun can provide protection of honest people's hard earned wealth whether at the bank, the grocery store, or the brinks truck.

A gun can directly protect lives. In this article, a 70 year old basketball coach was walking two teenage girls to their cars when 2 men assaulted the group. Consider the possible outcomes. The coach shot the two men, he had a Concealed Carry permit CCW and was operating within the law.

A gun can be the “Great Equalizer”, promoting justice based on rightness and not on “might makes right”. Old people do not have to cower inside their homes in fear of leaving the house.

A gun can provide enjoyment for marksmanship training and competition.

A gun, perhaps with training related to the responsibility, can cause a person to live their life more deliberately, more responsibly, knowing that they possess deadly force and should live alert and aware and with clear mind.

A gun can protect a military person when their primary weapon fails

A gun can provide the environment in which a business holding assets can take more societal beneficial risk through a business plan that otherwise could not realistically be pursued.

A gun can provide food during normal and extreme (SHTF) situations A gun can give jack booted thugs a second thought --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gun Control is very important, get a firm grip on that gun, and control that gun. "Hickok"

Know your target and beyond, Eyes Open No Fear.

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