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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Blog Rants

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 from Fluffpost blog

 I have a master degree from the U of Mich in material science, and mechanical engineering. So I understand alot about what it takes to abuse atoms to the point them want to give up their neutrons (think neutering the atom, they won't do they willingly).

And for a while I thought the science and technology could be made clean enough to be statistically safe. That was my minor of study, probability and statistics.

Now, after revisiting what the nuclear industry has been doing, I have come to the conclusion that humans and nuclear cannot occupy the same planet and be safe.

Here is why, a manifesto

 If you understand materials and science you must know the issue is a human one not a scientific one. Having come to such a conclusion you might then want to take another look at probability and statistics because they’re a lot more things out there that will kill you plus many others faster an more likely...and yes with more devastation which you live with everyday.

The human problems start with not solving issues but ignoring them or regressing to defensive positions. Edison once told Tesla that alternating current would destroy the world…how’s your lights working?
Systems operate within certain rule, on a large scale you can't avoid but have an end result dictated by the normal rules.    On a small scale, you can actually "break the rules" at least for a time, you can control the entropy and the natural path. 

Humans have some negative characteristics that over time will play out with predictable results.   Greed and the need for power and control are some of the worst, ignorance and denial don't help either.    On a grand scale, you can't control these factors, they will eventually play out.    We have wars all the time.   

When you mix humans and nuke, the outcome is predictable over time.  

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