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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Entergy is a Slum Lord

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When you look at the Nuke plants in the USA which have the worst records of safety, the most violations, the most dangerous, one name keeps coming up


Now the troubled Pilgrim plant is trying to shut down because of a snow storm.    If it doesn't shut down, then it melts down, it is really that simple.  
I have posted some related materials below.
From guezilla at ENENEWS
"Valve problem plagues Pilgrim nuclear plant"
Fixing safety valves by pumping reactor power up and down? Oookay… After already replacing said valves, which is to say the problem is somewhere else.
"Another incident would likely trigger a tougher federal review, said Dave Lochbaum, director of the Nuclear Safety Project at the Union of Concerned Scientists." I guess this would be at least ninth outage or unexpected problem in 2 years for this Fukushima twin.
"The plant was designed to hold 880 spent fuel rods. It now holds 3,200, Rolbein said." Talk of plans to shutter in Cape Cod for 6 hours in case of meltdown so as to allow people from other areas to evacuate first. Now that's emergency planning!
From comment by FREEDOMROX at ENENEWS
Troubles at Pilgrim Nuclear Plant
With the end of its 40-year license approaching in 2012, the owners of Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station in Plymouth have applied for a 20-year extension. But opponents of the plant, including some local and state politicians, question the reactor's safety after three sister reactors in Japan experienced explosions and likely meltdowns this past year. There also is the lingering issue of a tightly packed spent-fuel storage pool at Pilgrim. Finally, there are concerns about the fact that hundreds of thousands of residents and visitors on Cape Cod would have nowhere to go in the event of an emergency. This WGBH News three-part series looks at these issues and others, while discussing how the context for plant relicensing has changed in light of the ongoing crises at Fukushima in Japan.
From a blog operator who own land near Palisades
 The Palisades nuclear plant can be used to illustrate the concerns I have. It has a history of problems and repairs that need to be made yet the NRC continues to find ways to allow it to remain in operation. In my opinion the company that owns Palisades, “Entergy” is becoming the slum lord of nuclear plant operators. Entergy purchased Palisades which needed repairs and has not made them.

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