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Friday, February 15, 2013

Meteor Breakaway Magnetic Shear

FREEDOMROX on ENENEWS Actually, this was predicted. This was an off shot of the so-called asteroid because of the axial shear of the magnetosphere. As an asteroid this close comes close to a celestial body, then the electrical properties inherent undergoes a shear effect, and propels parts of the mas forward, while conversely slowing down the main body. It is an action/reaction electrical impulse. No rockets were involved, no missiles intercepted anything. This was so fast and unexpected by mainstream scientists, that it is doubtful you will kear a word of it here in the US. If everyone didn't die here, then people wake up in the morning and go to work never knowing a thing about it. As the main portion of the 'asteroid' has now passed the earth, it will continue to degrade and axial shears will get worse. It is fully expected to an extreme blow out, as projected by the Electric Universe. Its not that there is nothing to see here, because there is. NASA blathers on, possibly a passing mention, but not much to do for them. If this does not completely stream out as projected, then so much mass will be lost at the extreme speeds it grazed by and in contact with out magnetosphere, then it will only be because its trajectory was just changed because of it, and will be greatly diminished in mass. This really could have spawned many more 'children' meteorites, and we should all feel very lucky sonic booms and smoke is the worst that planet earth received. EU, it's not just for kids. ----------------------------------------- Sorry for the typos, just excited, as this is my field, and it did just as projected. This could easily have become a 'Tunguska' event, and proves the theory of just what did happen in 1908. It was just a larger chunk that impacted the atmosphere, and the glow and the sonic booms were dead on in line with the electrical model of Tunguska, and what was proposed to happen today. Seriously, we were very lucky, and I mean earth as a whole. -------------------------------------------------------- No, stock. It hit our magnetospheric tail about 7 hours ago. Just as the Solar CME was still impacting earth, yet the main wave had passed earth and impacted the asteroid, causing the magnetic variations which lead to small shears along it's axial framework. VALENTINE'S DAY MAGNETIC STORM: Valentine's Day in Scandinavia began with a magnetic storm. Rob Stammes of the Polar Light Center in Lofoten, Norway, reports: "Our instruments recorded 2o swings in the local magnetic field, which induced strong electrical currents in the ground outside our lab." The needles on his chart recorder were swinging wildly: At this time, twice the amount of solar CME radiation and solar wind density had streamed passed by earth and impacted the asteroid. "At 2:25 p.m. EST (19:25 UTC) on Friday, Feb. 15th, asteroid 2012 DA14 will fly past Earth only 17,200 miles above our planet's surface. This will put it well inside the orbit of geosynchronous satellites, closer than any asteroid of the same size has come since regular sky surveys began in the 1990s. Researchers speculate that Earth's gravity might even cause seismic activity on the 50m-wide space rock." Current solar winds and protonic density near eath is only a Solar wind speed: 371.6 km/sec density: 2.6 protons/cm3 cont. This will be the main event, and it is possible for more shears, but doubtful since only the weaker outlying sections fall prey to these protonic excitations of mass activity in such extreme shearing conditions only exist from an electrical excitation comparable to 4.6 protons/cm3 that the asteroid encountered earlier and after it had passed the earth yesterday. There is a chance, however small, that a flame out could still occur after it passes earth, if any CME's or prominences are expected, and at this time, no coronal holes venting are aimed in this direction, so the probability is very low.

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