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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Charts of Seal Deaths and TEPCO fesses up

I love charts, they often tell you something that nothing else can.   They knock you upside the head.

See this one on seal "grounding" rates

TEPCO "fesses up", so expect some big move in the near future, announcement of Nuclear plant startups.    The power outage last week proves that TEPCO has learned nothing.

TEPCO officials denied Friday that the incident posed safety threats outside of the plant, but acknowledged they lacked sensitivity about how Fukushima residents felt about the loss of power and cooling.
"We learned that it only takes one rat, not even an earthquake or tsunami, to paralyze the plant," said Yukihiro Higashi, an Iwaki Meisei University engineering professor who is on a government nuclear regulatory panel overseeing Fukushima Dai-ichi safety.
"People in Fukushima are under constant fear of another serious incident that requires evacuation," Higashi said.

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