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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Email contact for NRC members

From Nuclear Hotseat --------------------------------------------------- In light of yesterday's Atomic Safety and Licensing Board action on behalf of the NRC it is important to remember that the five NRC commissioners can reverse that decision, and they have a record of doing so. I believe it is time to start a letter, email, phone campaign to all five NRC commissioners letting them know that we are in agreement with the Atomic Safety Board's decision and demand nothing less, and we expect this to happen here in California without the NRC commissioners reversing this decision. We should continue this campaign everyday until the NRC commissioners have made a statement to the effect that they are not going to reverse this decision. Email address and Phone #'s of the NRC commission below. Tel: 301-415-1750 Tel: 301-415-1855 Tel: 301-415-1810 Tel: 301-415-8420 Tel: 301-415-1800 Sample letter to the commission, or please feel free to write your own letter: Dear Commissioners, Yesterday's decision by Atomic Safety and Licensing Board is exactly what the people of California have been calling for these many months. We want to express our gratitude for this decision, and at the same time, let you know what we expect to happen as this process moves forward. 1. No reversal of this decision by the five NRC Commissioners. That would be seen as a breach of your oath of office and your motto "protecting people and the environment" 2. For this adjudicated public hearing under oath to happen here in Southern California. 3. Clarity and transparency in this process. Hoping to work through this process with the NRC for a safer future for all Californians, especially our children. Sincerely, your name

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