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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Changes in Our Solar System, Magentic Pole Racing Away is just one of them.

Doesn't it seem obvious that things are not right?   Well at least, not normal.

And its not just our planet, the earth.    In fact, the earth is getting off lightly compared to the other planets.    Earthquakes on Mars, massive weather changes on Jupiter, huge storms on Saturn lasting so far 8 times longer than usual, and more.     And sun appears to be the main driver of solar system events, but maybe there are external forces that are acting on the sun and the planets and causing a complex chain reaction.

I have previously wrote about the Magnetic Pole Shift, and the possibility of another Carrington Event that could knock us back to the stone age in seconds....hint....we might get a few days warning.     But the gov won't panic the sheeples, so don't expect any broad annoucments.    Even so, if your preparations consist of only a few days, you are probably going to be in a world of hurt.

Seeing that we have been 150 years since the last Carrington type event (1859), our annual risk of another is at least 1%.    That's not much but consider the consequences of being knocked back to the stone age....the thin shroud of civilization would peel away pretty quickly.   And coupled with the very strange acting of the sun lately (the super solar spot minimum) and now an extended maximum, I think the odds are higher than 1% in any given year.

Now you know what happens when you take Utility power away from nuclear plants?    They run on backup for a while, unless their circuits and controllers are also damaged, in which case they start melting down and blowing up immediately.    The used fuel is actually more dangerous than the reactor fuel, and that need continuous cooling for around 5 years.    If power is lost and the circ pumps go down, the spent fuel pools will boil off the water, and then release massive radioactivity in a nuclear fire.

Apparently much of the power grid in the US could be protected or at least mitigate damage from a Carrington for the cost of several billion dollars, but no individual party wants to invest against a 100 to 1 scenario, even though the scenario involves a Mad Max complete societal collapse.    And the Government....don't even get me going on the Government, which is telling us that "we are to blame" for the massive weather changes that are challenging our world.    And they want a Carbon tax to solve the    All the carbon tax does is let strong wealthy corporations continue to do business and increase market share as weaker corporations are forced to give their money to the stronger corporations, another transfer of wealth.    The weaker companies with older equipment have to pay a penalty, they have to buy carbon credits from the stronger companies.   A real consolidation of power.

To get the ball rolling even faster, I made a Midwest Kill List.    If you have gumption, make a similar kill list for nukes in your area.   I will publish it.    We get around 1000 hits per day, so your voice will be heard.

And no Noctilucent clouds (glowing clouds) are a common sight at mid latitudes, they are normally a rare sight at high latitudes.

Check out Suspicious Observers, this is a special "newsletter" which includes a review of changes in our solar system.  



  1. Solar on every house in America will only solve this. Solar systems are only 10k for 5KWATT systems. everyone swaps out every light with led, upgrade to lower power tech on all levels, hook up an atmospheric water generator for the whole house, start a greenhouse. Or as you say this will go as planned

    1. Agreed, I havent paid an electric bill in over 4 years and that is really nice.

  2. I would love to be back for more such nice stuff. Keep up the good work.

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