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Monday, June 10, 2013

Palisade Nuclear Plant, Run By Slumlord Entergy -- SHUT IT DOWN

Palisades Nuclear Plant - Direct Leak of Radiation into Lake Michigan 

Just in 6-10-13, Entergy uses a $20 tarp to prevent radioactive liquid from leaking, and the tarp fails.     Any guess where the leakage went?    Into the control room....this is not a joke.    Shut it Down.    They won't even protect themselves, do you think they will protect you.   No way, Shut It Down.

Palisades nuclear plant on Lake Michigan is too old, too dangerous, it has too many NRC violation, changes are needed.   I have been writing about Palisades for some time.   And then yesterday, Palisades fessed up to an uncontained leak of radiactive water right into Lake Michigan, but they said "it was small" although they presented no Bq/gallon, or mSv per gallon actual radiation measurements.
Michigan Article on Direct Leak into Lake

Also amazingly coincidental, is that Kewaunee nuclear plant on Lake Michigan also, was permanently shut down just last week.    It was also old, and was deemed non-economical to operate anymore.    Solar energy from Madison, Wisconsin strong solar program and natural gas made nuclear "too costly to compete".  They say it will cost $1B to decommission that plant, so that means $2B to $3B.    Unless of course the company just goes bankrupt and then they saddle the government with the cost.   Simple enough...sell off the Corporate assets that are performing well, leave the dead wood behind, and then declare bankruptcy.    There was a long term cost when the nuclear boondoggle was started, now we have to start paying the cost to get rid of them.    No doubt, the nuclear magicians have already disappeared the profits.    And there is a Federal cleanup fund that nuclear has contributed to throughout time.   Of course those funds are not segregated, and they can easily just be "captured" for some other program to offset the sequester, you know the game.    At any rate, those funds, are only about 10% of the real cost of the cleanup (and that is just a 50 year perspective), we have to babysit these spent fuel materials for thousands of years.

NYT Kewaunee Article

Palisades is from 1971, that's too old.    And the operators, Entergy, have a history of abusive operation of these clunkers.   They can't make enough money, so they cut corners.

Why not write to

Anthony Vitale who is VP of operations:
Palisades Nuclear Plant
27780 Blue Star Memorial Highway
Covert, MI 49043-9530

Look at these serious violations.   Plant electricians performing the wrong work and causing a complete failure of the emergency backup systems.

Here in 2012 the Palisades Design Engineering Manager gets arrested, and then fired.   Makes you say hmmmmmm.

Here are more VIOLATIONS

Uh, Mr. Vitale....after you had been put on notice that pump maintenance was necessary, you still IGNORED IT?

Here is some plant info and a broader list of violations 

 After multiple radioactive leaks, the NRC says "it's up to the plant to improve"

Chandrathil says the NRC is doing everything it can. "We have a questioning attitude. We look at very specific areas and we have gone ahead and identified deficiencies at the plant. It’s up to the plant to improve their performance," she said.

This also in 2012, more leaks and lies

Entergy bought this clunker for $360M in 2007, AND they got saddled with used fuel pools

The purchase also included receipt of the used fuel at Consumers' decommissioned Big Rock Point Nuclear Plant, located in Charlevoix in northwestern Lower Michigan.
Entergy owns --- the worst of the worst
  • Indian Point
  • Palisades
  • Pilgrim
  • Vermont Yankee

ABC News--Palisades is one of the 3 most dangerous plants in the US

How would this look on the Great Lakes?    Wipe out the Midwest, the last bastion of manufacturing in the USA.


  1. you do know that your microwave lets off more radiation then a nuclear power plant does and unless you would like a meltdown then let them do there jobs they are very good at what they do.

    1. Oh wow, thats a good one, a unique lie among the hundreds I have heard....why not just compare it to the dangerous banana?


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