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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Slumlord Entergy is closing Vermont Yankee, YES! Another confirmed kill

Entergy is the slumlord of nuclear.    The fights at Yankee tired them out, and they are throwing in the towel!   Huuwah!

Not financially viable.   Sheesh, and that is even without the out years costs built in.   

 The company’s wholesale commodities president, Bill Mohl, who oversees six Entergy nuclear plants in the Northeast, said at a news conference at company offices in Brattleboro that the shut-down decision was based on economic performance, not the risk of litigation or political pressure.Mohl called the 41-year-old plant no longer financially viable, and said the closure announcement gives employees and customers more certainty. He pledged that the company will ensure the plant will be kept properly staffed for decommissioning.
3 down and 101 more to go.    Nuke is a failed experiment, fueled by greed, ignorance, and denial.  

Entergy also operates Palisades on lake Michigan, which is a great lake, I mean literally.  And they leak radiation into lake Michigan.    They are on my midwest kill list, see here.

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