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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Chicago Oct 24 Rad Waste Storage

Here is a list of all locations and schedules of meetings
Download sample press releases, Alerts, and more for each meeting for use by grassroots groups. Note: these are in Word format so you can edit, add your group's information and customize how you wish:
Rockville, MD. Oct. 1 and Nov. 14
Denver, CO. Oct. 3
San Luis Obispo, CA, Oct. 7
Carlsbad, CA, Oct. 9
Perrysburg, OH, Oct. 15
Minnetonka, MN, Oct. 17
Oak Brook, IL, Oct. 24
Chelmsford, MA, Oct. 28
Tarrytown, NY, Oct. 30
Charlotte, NC, Nov. 4
Orlando, FL, Nov. 6

 Information from here.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is holding public meetings to collect comments on a Draft Generic Environmental Impact Statement (Draft GEIS--see link below) on the extended storage of highly radioactive irradiated fuel rods currently stored at nuclear power reactor sites in Washington DC, and 10 other cities between October 1 and November 14, 2013. 

This file is specific to NRC's public meeting on Thursday, October 24 in Chicago-Oak Brook, Illinois Chicago Marriott Oak Brook  1401 West 22nd Street  Oak Brook, IL 60523 Link to google map:

NRC will hold an "Open House" at 6 pm, and the meeting 7--10 pm (local time). If you are planning your own events, be sure to insert the times you want people to arrive.

We encourage local groups to use their own materials -- these draft organizing documents are offered simply as a starting point or aid. Edit / insert your own info + quotes / revise / reject freely!

This WORD file contains the following DRAFT documents for the CHICAGO meeting:
·       Media Advisory
·       Outreach email to your allied groups
·       Outreach email to members/ individuals
·       Press release
·       Flyer

We will be posting separately:
·       Talking points
·       Several different drafts of short comments for oral presentation
·       JPG for possible paid advertisement

If there are other document drafts that would be helpful for you, please contact Mary Olson, NIRS -- or 828-252-8409 (cell 828-242-5621).

The Waste Confidence Draft Generic Environmental Impact Statement (DGEIS) is publicly available at

Please scroll down to Draft Document 1

DRAFT Document 1 -- Media Advisory  (put out about 2 weeks prior to the meeting -- be sure you contact "Day Books" for your area and send it to the Day Books again 48 hours in advance."

[Letterhead or list of organizations working together]

For Immediate Post
Contact: [include one or more names, phone and email]

Media Advisory
Chicago to have Major Role in U.S. High-Level Radioactive Waste Regulation
Thursday October 24 U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission to Hear Public

What: The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has produced a Draft Generic Environmental Impact Statement (GEIS) for the first time on the extended storage of highly radioactive irradiated fuel rods currently stored at nuclear power reactor sites. The NRC is seeking public comment on the document, and will hold 2 meetings in the Washington DC area and 10 field meetings outside of DC, including [City name]. [City name] is the only location in [region].

When: Thursday October 24, 6 pm Open House; Meeting 7--10 pm [change time if you have your own plan]

Where: Chicago Marriott Oak Brook  1401 West 22nd Street  Oak Brook, IL 60523
Link to google map:

Who: Any member of the public, their advocates and representatives [list any VIP or organizations planning to comment] may comment. Both oral and written comments will be accepted.

Why: A federal court ordered the NRC to study the impact of storing high-level radioactive waste ("spent" fuel rods) at reactor sites, including a look specifically at dangers from fuel pools such as those seen at the Fukushima Daiichi Japanese nuclear disaster site. Prior to that the NRC simply asserted that the storage of the waste was no problem, would have no impact and that since federal law mandates a different federal agency, the Department of Energy, to take this most concentrated of all the types of radioactive waste, an impact statement was not needed. The federal court order is historic since it additionally removed the NRC's authority to license expanded production of the waste (new nuclear power reactors, or license renewals). The public is invited to comment on the Draft Generic Environmental Impact Statement, particularly any site-specific aspects of waste storage since the document is intended to address every reactor site in the United States, past, present and future.


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  2. I'm 64 and a Hanford downwinder. I find it strange that there are no hearings scheduled in Washington State. There are also none in Tennessee and none in New Mexico, two other states with histories of research and development of nuclear power. Why don't they want to listen to us?


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