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Friday, September 13, 2013

Nice Clean Air Today, Except for Pacific Northwest

Pretty clean.    I have been seeing waves of radiation wash over the USA these last few weeks with Fukushima admissions also on the rise.   

Its pretty much a "duh" moment for TEPCO and Japan Gov.     As long as they let ground water flow into the plant area, it will pick up radiation from the coriums, whether the coriums are under the buildings or just in the basements.    This valley used to be a river, they raised the land to make the plant and divert the water.     Now the earthquake dropped it 3 to 6 feet.     

They have to pump the ground water out before it ever hits the plants area.  They have to lower the elevation of the ground water.    What part of "Duh" does it take a nuclear scientist to understand.  

Back to the Pacific Northwest....those poor folks have been getting pounded with rads for 2.5 years now.      And it will last AT LEAST another decade.   

Seriously, I would just move.

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