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Monday, September 23, 2013

Why the good Ol' USA is not stepping up, stepping in to help Japan with nuclear.

 At ENENEWS--Wemadethis said
Abe doesn't know what's going on!
Why are Americans so resistant to make any noise about this? I'm over in Europe and the whole thing stinks to high heaven from over here. Get active yanks!

Here is the low down as I watched it in real time.

Japan was reacting to the Tsunami and the nuke emergency.   They were releasing real information and evacuating people.  In that first week I noticed one day...the real information was cut in half, and the next day cut in half again, and OBummer came out emphasizing "no risk to USA".    After about 4 day of the rollout of the BP playbook by the US Government, forcing Japan to start the coverup, there was effectively only a few percent of truth coming out of Japan.

In other words, under the New World Order Disaster Playbook (NWODP TM) the half life of truth is about 1 day.   

Japan Gov and TEPCO have been colluding for years to cover up the real situation.    And the USA who pushed them into nuclear 50 years ago, now see China as a real threat to "our buddies" in Japan if Japan cannot compete in manufacturing because they can't use the "cheap electricity" that their 50 nuke plant can provide.    USA has stated, this year that Japan's shut down nuke plants are a security threat to the USA.    So don't expect the corrupt bloated government of the USA to do anything smart here.

Nuclear and Education were the largest contributors to the Obummer regime.   Do not expect any smart action by USA.   They want Japan to restart reactors and have gone on record as saying not just that, but that the lack of restart was a security threat to the USA.     I guess that mean Obummer can drone some anti-nuclear protesters, only half kidding.


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