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Friday, November 15, 2013

ACA Obamacare Fiasco, real data from the real website

I tried the website, and it technically functioned OK at 1AM.

Some issues:

1) Massive invasion of privacy even before you can get a somewhat customized budget estimate.

2) You sign away all your rights and privacy for yourself and your family, and actually authorize the Department of Homeland Security to investigate yourself and your family. And this is BEFORE you can get an actual quote.

3) One area of the website stated that with a $34,000 income that "my policy" would get over 50% of the annual fee refunded as a tax credit. And then further on in the budget quoting process, that tax credit was reduced to $285, or less 3% of the annual insurance cost for 2 people.

4) They have a "chat" function, but the federal worker responding takes FOREVER to respond, like they are looking in books on the other side. AND you have to agree to yet ANOTHER onerous giving away of your rights just to talk to them via chat. WAY too many lawyers worked on this site.

5) There is NO WAY to compare the 60 or so health choices presented for my County of my State. You have no idea the deductible, the copays, the items covered and percentages, and you can't find that anywhere on the website. Sheesh, average buying sites for commercial products let you do side by side table comparisons of various products that you checklist. This facilitates an informed decision making process, where you can eliminate the chaff quickly so you can focus your due diligence on items that really matter.

Please review the following screen captures, some are annotated by me

Highly personal information, the same information types that could be used to allow a bad person to access your financial accounts and move money.    They can't even run a website, do you think they can protect your data?

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