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Monday, November 25, 2013

Large Mass of Possibly Radioactive Flotsam Spotted in Hawaii, aka We Killed the Pacific

Read the article below.   They have found massive amounts of debris like this in Hawaiian waters, stretching in lines for miles.  From the Kauai Newspaper Article--"the line was between 10 and 20 yards wide, up to two miles long"

What is AMAZING is that no one has even put forth the idea of testing the debris for radiation, it is very possibly radioactive.   And reading below, even more amazing that Coast Guard, the DLNR (natural resources), the Whale Foundation.....absolutely everyone has taken a "not my job" approach.

The fast moving stuff, floating high above the water was coming as early as 2012, the "high floaters" had a big windage area and was blown quickly by the wind.    The new debris, a far larger mass than then high floaters, nets and such, don't get blown by the wind, they move with the water itself.
It has also clearly been shown by boats that have taken radiation samples at different depths at multiple places off the US West Coast, that 95% of the radiation stays in the top 200 feet of the water column. That fact is VERY important. The "experts" have been stating that even though it will be bad, it won't be that bad because the radiation will dilute throughout the entire Pacific. The whole depth of the Pacific.

NOW we find empirical data that shows that "dilution" is not true. Almost all the radiation stays in the main biosphere, the top 200 feet of water, EVEN after getting blown and drifted across thousands of miles. So the bioaccumulation effect is HUGE, and dilution is found to be a BIG LIE. Perhaps some of these experts don't even know they are lying.    Let me say that again....95% of the radiation stays in the zone that 95% of the life is.   

But Hawaii would "need to" cover up any radiation, 90% of ALL their GDP comes from tourists.   If the tourists stop coming, Hawaii will implode.    They did the coverup when local milk was testing positive for Strontium.    They were trying to cover up again in an article titled....

Hawaii Scientists Seek to Calm U.S. Fears About Fukushima Radiation

“This is a bad disaster,” said Henrieta Dulaiova, an assistant professor in UH’s Department of Geology and Geophysics.    “By now, the plume is so diffused that even if it makes it here, it will be really low levels,” ... 

Hh, huh, how about testing the ocean plume that was just spotted?

Lets call this "PLUME GATE"!

University of Hawaii did a pretty good job of predicting the Fuku Plume hitting the islands, they right chart is 2.5 years laters, which is now, and shows Hawaii being surrounded. 


HOWEVER this is the takeaway.    Everyone who did modeling of the expected radiation plume, did their models based upon a one time, point source of radiation from the week of the initial meltdowns, and explosions.    Those who followed Fuku closely have always assumed that radiation releases were never in "cold shutdown" as Abe lied through his teeth about.    And that "conspiracy theory" about continuous radiation has now been confirmed by TEPCO admission to be true.     

So the takeaway --everyone's models could be understated by 130 times, since the releases have occurred for 130 weeks, not just 1 week.     And the releases continue daily.    But Abe tells us that the radiation all stays in the harbor, yeah the open harbor.    And Abe states "let me reassure you, there will be no effect on the Olympics from the radiation".   



Debris--- Swath of debris spotted off Na Pali Coast (Hawaii)

Posted: Monday, November 25, 2013 1:00 am
LIHUE — Passengers aboard Makana Charters’ Na Pali Kai II received a bit of an unwelcome surprise during their lunch break Friday afternoon.

Capt. Mike Birchett said he was about one mile off the coast of Kalalau Beach when he spotted a large buoy — not uncommon by itself. However, the buoy proved to be just the beginning of what he described as a massive amount of marine debris.

“You had to be there to see it,” he said.

The ribbon-like debris line was between 10 and 20 yards wide, up to two miles long and contained everything from car-sized bundles of commercial fishing nets to buoys, entangled ropes, large plastic fuel cans and buckets, according to Birchett.
Finding trash out on the water is no unusual thing. But Friday’s incident was different.
“It just kept going and going,” he said of the rubbish. “The most amount of trash I’ve ever seen. And it was just so odd that it was in this straight line.”
While he couldn’t be certain, Birchett estimated the debris, if combined, would likely weigh two tons.
After cruising alongside it for half an hour, Birchett reported the mess, which appeared to be heading toward Niihau, to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration on Oahu.

And on the Big Island the "Experts" say the decline in fish is "spooky" and can't put their finger on any reason for it.

How bad is the situation? Recently released data from Hawaii’s Department of Aquatic Resources indicates that the overall number of reef fish off the coast of Puako has fallen by between 43 percent and 69 percent
The Big Island had some of the best reefs and fish populations.

Huh, do you think all the pelting with uranium, plutonium, cesium from airborne sources, and now direct impact from the moving water mass, well do you think that could account for part of it?

Article here


And speaking of "nuclear safety" this report regarding the  tragedy of atomic testing in the Pacific.

‘We’re going to just wait for these people to die’

Bad faith negotiations by the U.S. government produced a flawed nuclear compensation settlement in the Marshalls, writes Giff Johnson

From day one, the U.S. government covered up the actual fallout impact not only of the Bravo shot but of all six of the large bombs tested at Bikini in 1954. The cover up went like this:
• The massive dose of radioactive fallout delivered to Rongelap Islanders, and to a lesser extent to those living on Utrik was the result of an ‘unexpected wind shift.’
• At 15 megatons, Bravo was two-to-three times greater than the anticipated power of the explosion. The power of Bravo, as shown in recently declassified documents, was known in advance.
• Only Rongelap and Utrik were exposed to Bravo (or any other) test fallout.
All of these statements have been proven false by the release of formerly ‘secret’ and ‘classified’ U.S. government documents. Most significantly is the fact that 18 other inhabited atolls or single islands around the country were contaminated by a minimum of three and most by all six of the bombs tested in Operation Castle, which included Bravo, in 1954.
But the myth of only four ‘exposed’ atolls (Bikini, Enewetak, Rongelap and Utrik) has shaped U.S. nuclear policy toward the Marshall Islands since 1954, limiting medical and scientific follow up, and compensation programs.


  1. I have a REMARK, and it's about the claim that radiated water stays in top 200FT of ocean water. I'd like to talk about this and especially the "WHY" ?? WHY the radiocative water would stay close to the top of the water column. It's always interesting to ask the question "WHY IS THIS" ? And here is what I assume to be the answer. It's simply pure physics ! Have you ever dived towards the bottom of a swimming pool during a sunny day ? I suppose so ! Well, you did find out that the more you approach the bottom of the pool,the COLDER the water becomes. And this keeps going also when you have been swimming for a long while producing waves at the surface. Why ? When hot water is on top of cold water, they DO NOT MIX ! Want some scientific answer why ? : Go to this link and scroll down ! Why I'm saying this ? The radioactivity released from Fukushima should stay close to the surface of the ocean all along it's "voyage" towards the West coast, not entering deep waters. AS NOTICED IN THE ARTICLE UPWARDS ! Don't hesitate to share what I'm saying (Twitter, ...) if you think this is interesting stuff to know. Thanks !

    1. Good remark!

      Dilution is not a solution, its not even a good lie


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