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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Background on Fukushima Shroud Replacements / MOX and MOX-GATE

This comes from the former Director of Fukushima 1

Futami started working at Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) in 1967, and worked his way up to become manager of the nuclear generation department before taking charge of Fukushima Dai-1

This comes from a very credible source, an industry insiders magazine, and a personal interview, not a he said she said thing.
Coincidentally, at the number 4 reactor unit at Fukushima Dai-1 they were just replacing the shroud in this year’s annual inspections. That’s why all the core fuel was removed from the reactor pressure vessel, and installed in the spent fuel storage pool. That may have generated more heat than is usual at the spent fuel pools, and may have contributed to the fires that broke out around the spent fuel pool in the number 4 building.

Nukepro here---huh that's very interesting  A shroud change costs almost $100M, why would anyone in their right mind shut down a plant in the middle of a fuel cycle, to do a $100M upgrade.   You would certainly wait for the next fuel change, they come about every 18 months.    The story smells fishy, even the ex-directors words above smell fishy.   "Coincidentally", "thats why" "more heat" "contributed to the fires".     

This is early on shroud changes at Fukushima, the first in the world.

Here it is embedded, you can download if you wish

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