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Monday, November 10, 2014

MOX-GATE, Fukushima Reactor 4 melt out proves it

MOX-GATE -- "A coverup necessary to prevent the last great hope of the Nuclear Village from being crushed, MOX is not safe"

Here is a link from A Green Road

A great site...they are into exposing lies. I am into exposing truth. Both work. LOL

At the bottom is a video of Reactor 4 Melt Out. This is important. AGR and myself both independently came to the conclusion that TEPCO was also experimenting with MOX in Reactor 4. They were not licensed to, and MOX is way more dangerous. However, the pro-nukers have MOX as their main sales tool to "get rid of existing nuclear waste" and to soup up the old clunker plants using the MOX to extract profits and keep their "precious" industry alive.

Admitting that MOX is EXTREMELY dangerous, and caused a mini nuclear explosion at Reactor 3, AND admitting that the new MOX in the equipment pool at reactor 4 melted out due to its increase reactivity and therefore heat and radiation....well that would shoot their MOX down, and it would shoot their source of their highfaluting livelihood down. And they can't have that, even if the face of ocean killing disasters. So they cover up and lie. At Reactor 4, the new MOX they were loading (ready to load in the equipment pool) melted down and out. And when corium contacts cement, it pretty much immediately releases all its cesium and start making 10 fold the normal amount of strontium. At Reactor 4, spent fuel pool, there was a 9 hours fire, and certainly a lot of poison was released, but that stopped with borated water. But not the MOX fuel, that burned through the stainless steel liner, and 3 feet of concrete. MOX-GATE you heard it here first.

MOX is way more dangerous than just Spent Fuel.    Spent Fuel used to be the most dangerous thing on earth.     Well, the nuclear scientists have now out done themselves.

Here is the proof on the Reactor 3 Nuclear Explosion due to MOX

Here is the proof that Reactor 4 was NOT a hydrogen explosion caused by hydrogen from Reactor 3...incredulously against their claim, Reactor 3 blew up the prior day, no walls, no containment, no hydrogen, even the pipe going the tower can be seen lying open in the rubble.    These "experts" don't even think that we deserve credible lies.

Reactor 4 was a MOX Fire, followed by MOX explosion, and meltout.

Here is an external video that will make the Reactor 4 MOX explosion

Here is the "Federation of Electric Companies" in Japan promoting MOX plutonium fuel.

They state that because Europe and USA are doing it, we should too.   France is the worst offender.   They are bankrupt and stealing from the future by using nuclear.

One thing is clear though.     Reprocessing of fuel to create MOX is 10 times more expensive that putting it into Dry Cask.   But the pro-nukers need to have a way to lie to pretend that MOX can make it all go away.    It doesn't, it just avoid that problem of otherwise dealing with the spent fuel, and creates a current income stream and justification to keep plants open.

MOX-GATE -- Now you know why 


  1. World Trade Center Demolition

  2. With Cold Fusion 1 liter of water can power 1 family for 200 years without pollution.
    Also it does not use or create radioactive substances.

    aka LENR

    1. I see, too cheap to meter, where have I heard that before! I will believe it when I see it.

      Einstein says "God doesn't play dice", methinks that God also does not hand out free lunches. Satan hands out what looks like a free lunch, plays to ego and greed, and ends up ensnaring our best and brightest into an unholy alliance that crushes their spirit. Refer to Dr. Oppenheimer as the Devil takes his soul at 14 seconds into the video, right before Oppenheimer admits his failing of falling into the trap, and says "I am become death".

    2. Yes, indeed, those are quite the claims. That sounds too good to be true. Perhaps somebody used "too cheap a meter". :lol

      Quote: "Palladium has the highest absorption ability against hydrogen of all elements. At room temperatures palladium can increase its volume 900 times, palladium black can increase it 1200 times and colloidal palladium solutions 3000 times. One may describe the absorption of hydrogen as dissolution of hydrogen in the metal lattice and as the formation of palladium hydrides of a general formula Pd 2 H. At 30°C and under the normal pressure the maximum hydrogen to palladium ratio can reach Pd/H = 0.608."

      Had always wondered if Fleischman & Pons stumbled upon a form of fusion that relied upon quantum tunnelling with their Platinum & Palladium electrodes. It was such a disappointment for me as a teenager to have witnessed the rapid rise and abrupt fall of "cold fusion" way back when.

      Are respective neutron cross sections too low to explain lack of neutrons?
      Pd(6.9), Pt(10) &

  3. Quote: "StPaulScout
    Aug 17, 2014 @ 12:17 pm

    "I have a question about Stuxnet. If the entire plant was without power, what was Stuxnet running on?"

    Aug 17, 2014 @ 5:48 pm



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