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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

NRC Nuclear Waste Confidence Docket Comments from ENENEWS

From HoTaters

To NRC regulators and U.S. Judiciaries:
You are urged to locate, study, and approve a storage area for spent nuclear fuel in the U.S.. NRC FOIA documents, and numerous reports by international experts such as those at Woods Hole have shown the Fukushima accident had dire consequences.

NRC documents released under FOIA dated March through May of 2011 clearly indicate the severity of the Fukushima Daichi disaster. This event was supposedly was mathematically impossible; it nonetheless occurred. It could occur in the U.S.

The events taking place at Fukushima are horrifying; perhaps thousands of people are already dying from radiation-related illnesses. The incidence of cancers and diabetes have risen dramatically. These facts are well documented.

Hundreds of U.S. Navy personnel from the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan are now sick and dying from radiation poisoning they got when exposed to the Fukushima reactor melt-down plumes during "Operation Tomadachi."

Three nuclear reactor cores escaped containment, and are "MIA." They are contaminating the aquifer and an underground river running under the plant. Water flows directly into the Pacific Ocean ….Tepco has had to release highly radioactive water during typhoon events, and due to failure of its water storage tanks.

Tepco and the IAEA recently asked for public "permission" to dump all the contaminated water into the Pacific. Itis unthinkable; unconscionable. "Dilution" is irrelevant; isotopes harm and kill when ingested or inhaled.

The Pacific Ocean food chain could collapse, or entire species and fisheries be wiped out due to Pacifc Ocean radiation contamination. The plume of radioactive water emanating from the Kurushio current in Japan travels directly across the Pacific. Destination: the U.S. West Coast, and in particular, California. The plume is supposed to arrive in March, 2014. It will impact our coastline for at least 10-20 years.

Fishery collapses (sardines, herring, salmon) in the Pacific, and massive die-offs of marine mammals from Alaska to Southern California, indicate something is terribly wrong in the Pacific biosphere. The immune systems of marine animals and plankton are likely being damaged by all the radiation coming from Fukushima; disease ensues.

There is also a massive amount of tsunami debris drifting toward the U.S. West Coast from Japan. A lot of chemical toxins are contained in the water, in those debris flows. Imagine all the chemical plants and manufacturing facilities on the Japanese coastline, destroyed when the tsunami struck in March, 2011.

The Pacific is being hammered by multiple sources of intense contamination. The radioactive isotopes coming from the Fukushima Daichi plant are highly suspect in the die-offs of marine mammals, fishes, and crustaceans. The scope of problems in the Pacific biosphere are truly staggering, when one considers them in their entirety.
We can ill afford to have such a disaster occur in the U.S., even if it were to occur inland, and away from our coastlines, or the Gulf area.

Robert Alvarez, formerly of the DOE, has said the spent fuel from Reactor 4 at Fukushima alone, if its building were to fail and it fell to the ground, could "end civilization" as we know it.
In the U.S. reactors have been granted extensions to operate far beyond their useful lives, and beyond design capacity. Our air and aquifers are being contaminated; billions of gallons of water containing dangerous tritium are allowed to enter waterways and our coastal areas.
The U.S. has tens of thousands of tons of spent nuclear fuel sitting in waste storage ponds and spent fuel pools. This is a disaster in the making. It has the makings of an event of Biblical proportions. The potential consequences of the failure of one of these pools is unthinkable, and could destroy the Northern Hemisphere, if not the entire world.
We truly should learned more, and applied the lessons from Fukushima Daichi. An international response to the crisis is desperately needed.

1. Find a way to store low level and high level nuclear waste on a permanent basis (nearly impossible in principle, since humans only live for 70-80 years or so). Find a safe storage area ASAP. Build it. Use it.
2. Move all spent nuclear fuel into dry cask storage post-haste, and get it out of the spent fuel pools.
1. Do not allow reactors to operate beyond their design lifespans;
2. Do not allow the use of dangerous MOX fuel;
3. Do not allow fuel reprocessing. There is more than enough nuclear material already in existence to destroy all life on earth;
4. Stop allowing shipment of spent fuel to the U.S. from other nations for reprocessing or disposal;
5. Do not allow the disposal of fracking waste and radioactive waste in salt caverns, as this destabilizes the ground in surrounding areas (think Bayou Corne);
6. Do not allow the storage of nuclear waste in Texas, which could impact the Oglalla Aquifer.
Signed, former Yucca Mtn. Seismic Studies team member

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